About Us

When it comes to Professional Pressure Cleaning Solutions and Home Improvement Options for Commercial, Industrial, or Residential Properties…. There is no better!!

Regardless of what your need may be our quality services have been proven to constantly deliver the best outcome. So if you are looking for professional cleaning solutions or to get your residential, commercial, or industrial property painted, then M3 Contractors is your solution.

Our Experience

Whether you are looking to pressure clean the complete interior or exterior of your property or are looking to bring new life into your property by repainting the exterior, M3 Contractors has the solutions that you need to bring new life into your Commercial, Industrial, or Residential Property. We have over 20 years of experience and over those years have probably seen most scenarios possible. This experience allows us to say to our clients that we will keep delivering this quality service that has made us West Palm Beach County best Painting and Pressure Washing contractor. We have the edge and the knowledge that allows us to constantly deliver to the best of our clients’ satisfaction. We have based our business around attaining the desires of our clients, and therefore know that this is the simple formula to success.

Flexible Working Methodology

Flexibility is a key component as well. We know that we have to be as flexible as our clients schedules, and therefore will do the job at which ever times of the day or week are most convenient to the clients. If it has to be during working hours, off hours, or weekends, we will work when it is most convenient to you. We always formulate a plan that will work around the clients specific requirements.

If you r need is our pressure cleaning solutions on a commercial or industrial level, or need to get your interior or exterior painted and protected, we have all that is needed to fulfill your requests. From the preparation stage of the project, through the closing of the project, you can be assured that our professionals will attend to your specific needs in order to achieve your complete satisfaction.

Completely Professional Behavior

Our work is always carried out by our team in a manner that will minimize any and all disruptions to your environment and we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome and result. We work with the least disruption possible ensuring that your clients, tenants or customers do not suffer from any disturbances. We work hard to make sure that everything goes as smooth and seamless as possible while delivering amazing results that encompass all that you want and more.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your project or simply if you have any questions.