Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach

Welcome to M3 pressure cleaning company Miami. We are a West Palm Beach based pressure cleaning company that services all of West Palm Beach and Miami as a whole. We specialize in a variety of different cleaning services for commercial, industrial and residential sectors.

Pressure cleaning is the bare minimum of cleaning methods recommended for preparation of exterior surfaces. Exterior paint will chalk overtime when exposed to the sun, and this chalked film will break the bond of any future paint coatings applied over it. It is important to remove all the chalked film prior to coating, or you will have a very short life paint system, regardless of the quality or performance characteristics of the paint.

Pressure cleaning can also be used to clean corroded areas and can sometimes be used as an alternative to grit blasting. The result depends to a very large extent on the condition of the surface.

M3 pressure cleaning is a company that specializes in pressure cleaning. We strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations through high quality service. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction has been rewarded by repeated client referrals. We have a strong team of professionals with many years of experience in the power washing field, as well as a fleet of new trucks set with the right equipment for the job. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and we also runoff avoiding waste water. M3 is a fully-insured company and we carry a worker’s compensation policy.

It is our company’s highest priority to provide our customers with Total Quality Service all the time.  We understand that inspecting the insides of ducts and fans can be difficult and time consuming for our customers.

We guarantee the quality of our services and that all work is inspected upon completion.  We want our customers to know that our guarantee of service is unsurpassed, by means of professional crews and a highly elevated standard of cleaning and service.

We  are experienced in all forms of pressure cleaning applications, Living Water deals with: restaurant exhaust systems, kitchens and equipment; brick restoration; graffiti; paint removal; gum removal; construction clean-ups; general power washing; parking lots; and much more. Our objective is to help you maintain the overall clean appearance of your properties, uphold property value and create a fresh, clean, and safe environment for your tenants, employees and customers.

Call on us today for your pressure cleaning project. The price of our service all over West Palm Beach is very competitive.