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There are residential painters or contractors who specialize in buckets and brushes who give your home a once over leaving you with an OK kind of job.  That may be fine for some people.   But for those people who want a home beautification project that wows not only you but everyone in the neighborhood, there’s M3 Painters of West Palm Beach.  We are your residential painting specialists.  We don’t specialize in just buckets and brushes.  We specialize in customer satisfaction for beautiful homes.


Our excellent customer satisfaction starts for clients the moment you place a call or request an estimate via the Internet.  We listen to your ideas and immediately assign you a residential design expert who will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.  Your residential painting specialist will come to your home and assess what you want done.  They will make recommendations for styles and designs that fit your unique taste as well as stay within your budget.  We work with custom colors that you may have seen in a magazine or store.  Bring us a picture and we can bring your color to life.  Not only are we custom color specialists but age-old standards like eggshell, lemon yellow or eggplant just look better when we use them.  Not so sure what design or colors you want.  Welcome to our world.  We have numerous before and after pictures of our satisfied customers who proudly allow us to show off their homes.  Whatever you’re looking for we’ve done it before in a fabulous manner.  Take a look at our design book and you may find a home beautification project that suits you.   We are also specialists in mixing a little of that idea, a little of this idea and whatever ideas you think will look right in your home.  Our customers range from “I know exactly what I want” to “I have some ideas but need a little guidance” to “What do you think of this mixed with that?” to “I just know I want something with these colors” to “I don’t have a clue.  What can you do for me?”  We have the experience to take you from wherever you are to exactly where you want to go.  We make dreams come true.


After that our work begins.  You can rest assured that we have your best interests in mind.  When we come to your home you will have the confidence that our workers are experienced with pets, yes we love dogs and cats, inquisitive children who find their way into our paint, finicky teenagers who want to stare as we beautify your home and anyone else who has questions.  We specialize in leaving your home better than when we arrived.  No mess, no fuss, not ever.  Have questions or concerns?  We are only a phone call or email away.  We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.


So when you’re ready to transform your home, you’re ready for M3 Painters for West Palm Beach.