Roof Cleaning West Palm Beach

Roof Cleaning West Palm Beach

Roof cleaning is the process of removing dirt, algae and moss on roofs. Roof cleaning has the ability to extend roof’s life span. Algae and other types of accumulation often form in parts of the roofs are shaded, and can reduce the life span of the roof. The presence of soot, dirt, or biomass can determine the amount of sunlight a roof sheds and therefore the amount of heat absorbed by the building. Roof cleaning can be done with a bleach or vinegar solution or pressure.  Adding zinc strips can reduce the growth of algae and moss.

Our roof cleaning service offers professional roof cleaning for residential and commercial properties in West Palm Beach.


Cleaning Method

Roof cleaning devices are high-pressure water jet and rotary brushes, and some may extensions to enable their use from the ground. Roof cleaning devices that can limit the spread of airborne radioactive and other harmful materials exist.

High pressure cleaning is also an important part of preparation before painting. It is important that all fungi, dust, bubbles and peeling paint are removed remove the walls / ceilings before painting.



Here are some good reasons why you should clean your roof:


Roof leaks

If the ceiling is covered in some areas with dense moss, the water does not move down between the tiles or slates and causes the accumulation of water, which in turn leads to roof leakage.


Property Value

If your property is old and dirty, you devalue your property and your home would look worse than it really is.

A roof covered with fungus is not an efficient thermal roof. The fungus absorbs the heat of the sun, resulting in a lack of isolation.

If tiles or slates are infested with the fungus, it becomes porous, which shortens the life span of the panels and slate.

Think about your health. If you have asthma or allergies, being close fungus can be dangerous to your health.

When cleaning a roof with high-pressure water spray and brush, our staffs are highly qualified and offer a high level of workmanship that meet high safety standards.


Why Hire Us?

Before now, roof cleaning in Palm Beach has been on the high side but with the emergence of our company, you can now get your roof cleaned at an affordable rate. You no longer need to worry about the cost of cleaning your roof here in West Palm Beach because our roof cleaning service is very cheap and affordable.

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